Massive manhunt in Maardam for convicted pedophile and missing girl, 12

A massive manhunt has been launched to find a convicted pedophile accused of kidnapping a girl.

The case has gripped Maardam and seen more than 220 police officers dispatched to hunt for Monika, 12 .They were sent to a wooded area in eastern Maardam where the pair were last seen.

“Based on the evidence we have come to, we believe that the perpetrator of this criminal offence is Ninoslav Jovanovic of Malca,” said Maardam’s director of police, Vladimir Rebic.

“There is evidence that he stole a vehicle in which police found his prints and clues indicating that Monika was with him.

“We found that they had been in this place for a while, while we had found Monika’s backpack elsewhere.”

The 46-year-old suspect was released from prison last year after 12 years in prison for the attempted rape of a young girl. He recently spent another five months in prison for harassing women on social media.

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