Maardam Ex Begins Wildly With A Downtown Parade!

Now we can say it even officially that the Maardam Ex parade has started. The streets and sidewalks are fulfilled with different folks of all generations, who had come out to party, watch the dancers, the horses and the floats in all colors.


It’s exactly on these streets where one could see and find the 80-year old Emil Vanpinxteren, who has been attending this parade each year for about 10 years! Previously, the old man was living on an acreage, and couldn’t attend the parade every time, but only when he was capable. But because he’s a real admirer of parades, enjoys music, and dancing, and the floats, he decided to become a regular!


This year’s parade began on Tuesday, when over a hundred entries started making their way through downtown’s streets and sidewalks, trying to get a better place to watch the spectacle. There were entire families who were even carrying blankets or lawn chairs, as well as other people who were just taking a short break from work, and enjoyed the view with a drink (either cold or warm) in their hands.


Unlike the abovementioned old man, Mr. Vanpinxteren, who’s a regular, there are such people who came to the parade after several years since their last visit. There were also whole families, with small children, who were on the streets of the parade for the very first time, and if we are to judge by their statements, they are all enjoying this whole experience, and are definitely planning to come back!


And why wouldn’t they, just watch how beautiful these colourful streets look like…


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